Management Team

2018-9-1 10:24:58

Profiles of existing Directors, supervisors and senior management

1Executive directors

1.Li Chuyuan (李楚源)

2 .Chen Mao (陈矛)

3 .Liu Juyan (刘菊妍)

4 .Cheng Ning (程宁)

5 .Ni Yidong (倪依)

6. Li Hong(黎洪)

Mr. Li Hong, aged 51, holds a bachelor degree and a MBA degree. Mr. Li also holds the titles of engineer and senior political work engineer and possesses the qualification of licensed pharmacist. Mr. Li is the president of  Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Profession Association. Mr. Li started his career in July 1990. He has served as a director and the chairperson of the board of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Qiao Guang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; a director and the general manager of Tian Xin; a general manager, chairperson and secretary of the party committee of Ming Xing; a director of Baiyunshan and an assistant to the general manager of GPHL.Mr. Li is currently a member of the party committee of GPHL, a director of Pharmaceutical Technology, a party branch secretary of Guangyao Haima, a director and the member of the Party Committee and general manager of the Company.

7. Wu Changhai (吴长海)

2Independent non-executive directors

1.Chu Xiaoping(储小平)

2.Jiang Wenqi(姜文奇)

3.Wong Hin Wing (黄显荣)

4.Wang Weihong (王卫红)


1.Xian Jiaxiong(冼家雄)

2.Li Jinyun(李锦云)


4Senior management

1.Zhang Chunbo(张春波)

2.Huang Xuezhen (黄雪贞)